Joe DiMaggio’s father, Giuseppe, was a Sicilian immigrant and a fisherman who worked a Monterey boat out of San Francisco. This boat is still running today as a Fisherman’s Wharf tourist attraction, the “Dixie”. See her and her history in this video:

Dixie in 2008

Dixie in 2008

More on Joe:

A couple shots of Joe posing on an SF crab boat- nice detail!

Joe DiMaggio in Fishing Boat
Joe DiMaggio and Frank Croseti Handling Crab Basket Aboard Boat

Joe was born in Martinez Ca., prior to Giuseppe’s moving the family to San Francisco. There’s a plaque at the Martinez marina honoring the local Italian families, including the DiMaggios. This link also has a picture of a Monterey boat on stilts, supposedly next to the plaque; I haven’t been able to find it on Google satellite imagery, maybe its timbers have returned to the earth?


Joe’s brother Vince also owned a Monterey boat. Jo Jo can been seen here in the McCorkle gallery , at Bodega Bay.