Vita Marie

Vita Marie, Santa Cruz, 8/2018

Mark M forwarded this shot of “Vita Marie”, hauled out at Santa Cruz recently. Mark fears it may be for nothing good… and I notice that the Cal F&G tag has been removed from her cabin. Don H, Mike McC, any info on her?

~~~ MC ~~~

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10 Responses to Vita Marie

  1. Don Hall says:

    Sam Mazzerino fished the VITA MARIE for pompano with Tommy Ghio (FRANCIS JOLENE) for many years. The two boats fished at night, and took their catch to San Francisco (China Town) the next morning. I remember being told the Chinese fish buyer owned a restaurant, and sold a bowl of rice with one pompano for lunch for $1.00. Tommy and Sam often had to fish without running lights to avoid detection, as the pompano would move into net-restricted waters near shore
    below Capitola. Both boats were berthed on S dock in the Santa Cruz harbor.

    Tommy Ghio died at an early age (family hereditary disease) and Sam died around 1990 (?).
    I believe a deck hand bought the VITA MARIE while Sam was still alive, and continued fishing pompano.

    Tommy Ghio’s dad,Tony Ghio, fished the TOMMY BOY (named after his son) for lompara fish out of Moss Landing. Tony fished at night with his brother, Lefty.. Tony was a noted net weaver. His nets were popular along the Pacific Coast.

    The VITA MARIE made a lot of money for Sam Mazzerino (originally from Sicily).


  2. Don Hall says:

    Also, I remember Sam Mazzerino had the VITA MARIE redecked with wood planking and caulking at a time when redecking was done using plywood. Sam took a lot of pride in his boat, and maintained it diligently.


  3. Don Hall says:

    I don’t recall the Cal F&G numbers being on the cabin. I think they were on the bow between the rub rails (?).


  4. Don Hall says:

    It has been awhile, but now I think the Cal F & G #s were on a plate, rather than individual numbers,
    and were attached to the top of the wheel house. I think the name VITA MARIE was located between the rub rails.


  5. matthewsmodelmarine says:

    You’re right Don. Read a note about the F&G plates at:


  6. Don Hall says:

    Probably beyond repair, behind in slip payments (?). Will receive the same treatment given to the
    GEMINI….. chain saw.


  7. matthewsmodelmarine says:

    It seems this picture was first published in April 2017, at . The linked picture is larger, and it becomes clear that the aft port rail is gone, and who knows what else. The last owner was Kevin Carney.


  8. Don Hall says:

    I think Kevin was Sam Mazzerino’s deckhand . I may be mistaken, as I didn’t know his last name,
    but I do associate the name Kevin with the VITA MARIE, and Sam (30 years ago).


  9. Don Hall says:

    I see from the larger photo that the original F&G plate is attached to the house door, and the newer
    CF #s are displayed on the bow between the rails..


  10. matthewsmodelmarine says:

    I zoomed in… nope, just a dirty spot where the F&G plate was. I would have saved it, too!


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