Don Hall’s Boats

Don Hall’s straight stem Monterey. Don thinks the curved lower rub rail may have been unique to this boat.

Don Hall has been adding a lot of notes lately to photos here, mostly about boats seen in the Mike McCorkle photo collection. Don just shared some more of his own boats, seen here.

The Monterey above and below is a 1947 Focaracci Bros. craft, built in Pittsburg CA. Don says the photo below was taken in 1970 at the Santa Cruz harbor R dock, which were then home to two other well known boats– Victor Ghio’s “Catherina G” and Bob Podesta’s “Marcella”. Marcella of course is now on display on the Santa Cruz pier. Yet another pair of Montereys are visible across the water. Don fished his boat for five years, 1970-1975.

Finally, we have Don’s 48′ troller “Mary Ann”, which he fished part time from 1980 to 1985. Part time because he was still working a day job at IBM!

Don’s “Marry Ann” at Santa Cruz, normally berthed at Moss Landing.

~~~ MC ~~~

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