A nice modeling find…


I was gifted a 30-year old Bob Herrera Monterey hull. He marketed these under the Pandora Models name, and offered detail parts as well. Scale is 1:8, overall length about 40 inches. Now, what type of boat to model… has to be an early boat, because this is the right size for my Hicks engine!

See some Herrera photos and plans on the site.




~~~ MC ~~~

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5 Responses to A nice modeling find…

  1. Ernie Wilberg says:

    any thoughts of making a few copies, I would love to build that same scale…
    I’m sure others would be interested also.


  2. matthewsmodelmarine says:

    Hi Ernie- Personally, I’d rather build an honest wood hull from available plans, would be more accurate too. This one is special because of its history (and because I know Bob…). It would be a while in any case, my shop is shut down while I prep for a move in the next few months. 😦


  3. Don Hall says:

    Agree with matthewsmodelmarine…… anything other than a wooden hull would be sacrilegious.

    Bought a Monterey stem bow in 1970 built by Focarracci (sp?) Bros. in 1947 near Pittsburgh (CA). Fished it out of Santa Cruz for 6 years. Was berthed two slips down from Victor Ghio – Catherina G on R dock – Santa Cruz Harbor.

    The structure of these boats was superb. No glue, no caulking, just Port Orford cedar, and craftsmanship. Gasoline powered. Only electronics was a CB radio. Autopilot was my rear-end and the tiller. Gurdies were electric powered (vs hydraulic) and worked just fine.

    A wonderful 6 years.


  4. matthewsmodelmarine says:

    Don- Thanks for all the recent comments, here and on the Monterey photo pages- it’s appreciated!

    Patrick M, ~~~ MC ~~~


    • Don Hall says:

      Thank you, Patrick. I’m disappointed there aren’t more comments posted on the photo pages, but
      there might not be many participants still alive (I’m 86).


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