Welcome to the Monterey Clipper-pedia

The Monterey Clipper fishing boats have long had a cult following among boat modelers on the West coast. My hope for this site is to introduce the boats to a wider audience, and to help modelers find the details which are so important in constructing their creations.

The boats make appealing subjects, especially for the R/C modeler. As with tugboats, one can make a large model of a small boat, allowing for all sorts of character and charm. The Continue reading

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Another Gurdy Drive

Mark M’s “Josie M” trolling off Fort Bragg, ca. 1968

Mark M. forwarded another shot of his Monterey “Josie M”. They say salmon is brain food… must be, as Mark’s UC Berkeley classmate Andrew E. (left), is now a doctor, and Mark’s brother Paul M. (right) is an attorney. And Mark M. only has a BSEE and a JD (!)

“Josie M” ran an old CAT D3400 4 cyl. diesel. A PTO forward connected to the old truck transmission (in front of Paul), which connected through a few angle gearboxes to drive the gurdies (P&S).

You can just see the traditional stubby tiller extending over the pit where Andrew and Paul are resting their feet.

Thanks Mark!

~~~ MC ~~~

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Rare Embry Hicks Engine Model for Sale

Here’s a rare opportunity! RC Groups member BLA1 has an original 1:6 scale Hicks model from the hands of Leon Embry (Nostalgia Engineering) for sale… along with an Embry 1:6 Monterey hull and a passel of fittings from Ken Valk’s “Wet Goose” operation. All are out of production.

Leon’s engine (seen in the header above, as well) is what inspired me to build a 1:8 scale version, as seen in the posts below. But in 1:6, you get a BIG engine to put in a bigger hull.

To see the full listing, go to RC Groups:
To contact BLA1, you’ll need to register, and send him a PM (private message) by clicking on his name in the ad.
Note: BLA1 knows what he has, and none of it came cheaply! I’ll leave the negotiations to you…

More parts:


~~ MC ~~



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Hicks Article in “Ships in Scale”

Ships in Scale, Summer 2017 issue

My article on researching and building the Hicks engine model (Part 1) is in the current issue of “Ships in Scale” magazine… even made the cover, woo-hoo!

~~ MC ~~


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Another “New” Image of the Wharf

Commercial image of Fisherman’s Wharf. Click to open large format copy (6652 pixels wide)

Many vintage post cards showing the wharf are available. This is an example of a commercial image sold as a regular photographic print, in this case a bit larger than 3×5 inch. It has no date or creator marks on the back side, only the legend “Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco California”. It could easily date to the 1920’s. Clearly visible are the early boat registration numbers, such as “B.289”. This system later changed to a format like “28K398”, which in turn was replaced with the current numbering system, around 1960.


~~ MC ~~

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Hicks Engine Model- Almost Done!

Here it is, mounted on it’s display stand with sound system installed. A few more details to attend to before I can go off on my next project…


~ MC ~


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Yet More Hicks Engine Progress

1:8 scale model Hicks engine nearing completion

All the parts are painted and assembled, and all the mechanisms work. Many more pictures in my build thread at RC Groups.



~~~ MC ~~~



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Hicks Engine Model: Progress Report, March 2017

All the parts of the model Hicks engine

Getting near to the end of the model Hicks project. All the major parts are in hand to build the 1:8 scale model, just some fitting and painting to complete.

Below, I’ve made cylinders suitable for earlier Hicks, with the short exhaust outlet; and the later Yuba-Hicks with the long exhaust stub, as seen on the Hyde Street Pier engine. The long water-cooled outlet supports a cast muffler assembly.

As usual, the detailed build can be followed in my postings at RC Groups.

Long and short exhaust outlets.

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