Welcome to the Monterey Clipper-pedia

The Monterey Clipper fishing boats have long had a cult following among boat modelers on the West coast. My hope for this site is to introduce the boats to a wider audience, and to help modelers find the details which are so important in constructing their creations.

The boats make appealing subjects, especially for the R/C modeler. As with tugboats, one can make a large model of a small boat, allowing for all sorts of character and charm. The Continue reading

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New Static Hicks Engine Model

After building my fully animated 1:8 scale model of a Hicks engine, I received requests for a simpler static version that could go into R/C model Montereys, in the common scales of 1:12 and 1:8.

Parts for a static model are now available through my Shapeways shop:

See the READ ME section there for added info and assembly instructions.


Rendering of the simplified model engine, made from 3D printed parts.


The model engine has a hollow shaft-way to allow the boat model’s electric motor to be mounted forward. Flywheel does not spin.


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Peggy L at Santa Cruz

Brad Posey’s “Peggy L”, ca. 1985/87

Don Hall shares these shots of friend Brad Posey’s boat “Peggy L” at Santa Cruz. Brad worked the boat out of S Dock; he sold her around 1987. He doesn’t have the exact history, but thinks the boat was built in the early 30’s.
Click on any photo for a bigger view.
Thanks, Don & Brad!

~~~ MC ~~~

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Another DiMaggio Photo

Joe DiMaggio on the family crabbing boat, 1936, with brother Mike. Source: Sports Illustrated (see link below)

Found this photo on a Sports Illustrated page:  https://www.si.com/mlb/photos/2014/03/07/joe-dimaggio-classic-photos

A little more on Joe here at: https://montereyclippers.wordpress.com/monterey-data/history/dimaggio/

~~~ MC ~~~


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Mike McCorkle in WoodenBoat Magazine

Sep/Oct 2018 “Woodenboat”

Mike McCorkle is featured in the current issue of “Woodenboat” (Sep/Oct 2018). The author spent a day helping Mike fish his classic wooden trawler “Pieface” off Santa Barbara, and also included a sidebar on Mike’s Monterey “Theresa Ann”. Available at better newstands, and also as a digital download from the publisher.


~~~ MC  ~~~

Mike’s “Theresa Ann”, Santa Barbara

Mike’s trawler “Pieface”

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Vita Marie

Vita Marie, Santa Cruz, 8/2018

Mark M forwarded this shot of “Vita Marie”, hauled out at Santa Cruz recently. Mark fears it may be for nothing good… and I notice that the Cal F&G tag has been removed from her cabin. Don H, Mike McC, any info on her?

~~~ MC ~~~

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Monterey Banner

Mark M spied this Fort Bragg light pole banner in a library gift shop- on display but not for sale! A little research found a picture of another banner in this series on a rail fan’s web site, which suggests that the banner was on display circa 2005.

Anyone have a picture of this banner mounted?

~~~ MC ~~~

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Don Hall’s Boats

Don Hall’s straight stem Monterey. Don thinks the curved lower rub rail may have been unique to this boat.

Don Hall has been adding a lot of notes lately to photos here, mostly about boats seen in the Mike McCorkle photo collection. Don just shared some more of his own boats, seen here.

The Monterey above and below is a 1947 Focaracci Bros. craft, built in Pittsburg CA. Don says the photo below was taken in 1970 at the Santa Cruz harbor R dock, which were then home to two other well known boats– Victor Ghio’s “Catherina G” and Bob Podesta’s “Marcella”. Marcella of course is now on display on the Santa Cruz pier. Yet another pair of Montereys are visible across the water. Don fished his boat for five years, 1970-1975.

Finally, we have Don’s 48′ troller “Mary Ann”, which he fished part time from 1980 to 1985. Part time because he was still working a day job at IBM!

Don’s “Marry Ann” at Santa Cruz, normally berthed at Moss Landing.

~~~ MC ~~~

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